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We offer many different types of educational programs for students of all ages. Click the links below for more information and resources.

Funding our Visits

Many schools receive funding help for our visits. Depending on where your school is located and other community-specific factors, most or all of the cost of our visit may be covered by grants. The CSBQ offers a grant writing service for educators - we have extensive experience writing grants for every regional arts council in Minnesota and in several other states. To get started, contact us or take 10 minutes to fill out the questionnaire so we have all of the information we need to write your proposal.

We've designed the process to be quick and easy for music educators because we know you have better things to do that write grants yourselves. You can fill out the questionnaire in 10-15 minutes (really!) and we can start writing. Although we can't guarantee funding for our visit if we submit a grant for your program, we can guarantee that the process is very easy for you!

Grant Writing Service Information Packet

.pdf format

This gives and overview of our grant writing services and an outline of MN region grants for 2014-2015.

Minnesota Regional Arts Council Funding Map for 2014-2015

.pdf format

Use this as a guide to what funding opportunities might be available for you school based on county.

Single-Day Visits

The foundation of our K-12 Educational Programming begins with a one day or even a one hour visit to a school. Typically, we fill our day with three or four services at a school or district. These visits - funded from the school budget, a grant, or a combination of both - can include any of our educational presentations from elementary lyceums to brass masterclasses to side-by-side rehearsals with music students. For a brief description of activities, check out the files below.

Because every music class is different, our visits are designed to meet the specific educational needs of each class. Contact Us to discuss how we can make an impact at your school!

Outline of Educational Activities

.pdf format

An Overview of the Services we offer on an educational visit to a K-12 school.

Testimonials from Music Teachers

.pdf format

Some nice things other educators have said about our recent visits.

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Multi-Day Residencies

The CSBQ has built a reputation for excellence and commitment to education, and our experience performing multi-day school residencies is the best example of that charge. Our multi-day residencies are more than a string of one-day visits, but a chance for us to engage entire communities in our teaching and performing. All multi-day residencies include a community concert either by The CSBQ alone or alongside the school band students. Not only do these longer visit afford all members in the community the chance to hear us perform, but they allow us to dig into more advanced concepts with music students. Usually on a single-day visit we only have time to perform a classroom showcase or lyceum for the students, whereas on a multi-day visit a band student might have the chance to hear us perform and learn about our music on Monday, attend a band-specific masterclass on Tuesday where he or she can ask specific questions and get one-on-one help, and have a side-by-side rehearsal with us and join us in performance on Wednesday evening.

With any CSBQ visit, each activity is carefully selected and planned in consultation with school music teachers. Multi-day visits allow many possibilities for schools and school districts, so feel free to share your wildest ideas with us and we'll do our best to make them happen! For more information about funding these extended visits, read more about our grant writing services or contact us directly to get started!

Sample Residency Schedule

.pdf format

Eight Educational Services and One Concert. Typically Two Days in Length.

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Partnership Concerts

We love performing with others! After all, that's why we do what we do. We have performed as the "featured group" with bands from middle schools to uiversity wind ensembles and orchestras to excellent adult community bands. Generally, we perform a tune or two for brass quintet and band/orchestra and play a couple quick tunes on our own. This is a fun way for the community to hear The CSBQ without having to devote your entire concert program to us, and works particularly well as the "capstone" performance of a multi-day residency visit.

Think this is a cool idea but don't know where to start? We've played just about everything that's been published for brass quintet and "insert ensemble of varying skill level here", and our amazing horn player and arranger Tim Bradley has created several tunes for band, orchestra, and brass quintet (us) at different ability levels.

Here are two examples of Tim's arrangements for Band and Quintet

Thirteen Masters for Brass Quintet and Band Score Sample

.pdf format

This is a grade 3 piece featuring 13 recognizable classical tunes (Ode to Joy, Can-Can etc.) for middle or high school level band.

Invierno Porteno (Piazzolla) for Brass Quintet and Band Score Sample

.pdf format

A lively latin tango for high school or higher band and quintet - grade 4 or 5.

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Brass TACS

The Brass T.A.C.S. program, run by Minneapolis’ Copper Street Brass Quintet (CSBQ), is an inner-city music lesson and performance program. Brass T.A.C.S. is entering its fourth year and has evolved from one school in 2010 to implementation at Minneapolis’ Northeast, Anwatin, and Ramsey Middle Schools. During the 2013-14 school year, The CSBQ will be presenting 6 concerts and over 140 classroom performances and masterclasses at the three schools.

Brass T.A.C.S. (Teaching Artistic Curiosity in Sound) is designed to bring a unique and personal musical experience to young musicians in these three schools. Activities include classroom concerts by The CSBQ, masterclasses and group coachings led by quintet teaching artists and other local professional musicians, and concerts with the school bands - featuring The CSBQ and the students together in performance. This program results in an unparalleled student experience learning and performing up-close with professional musicians, both in the classroom and on stage.

Two important measures of success for young people are engagement in enrichment activities and a connection to a caring adult. This program provides and opportunity to accomplish both of these important markers for the youth in these Minneapolis schools. The Brass T.A.C.S. program increases students’ musical skills, instills an abiding love of music, creates strong school leaders, and provides young musicians the opportunity to learn from and work closely with professionals.

The CSBQ’s Brass T.A.C.S. program is funded with support from the Minnesota State Arts Board, the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, the Carolyn Foundation, the James R. Thorpe Foundation, and from the generous support of individual CSBQ patrons and donors.

Vist the Brass TACS Program Website

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R.E.A.L Program

The CSBQ's R.E.A.L. program at St. Olaf College is a pilot program for the 2013-2014 school year that gives students in any degree program the chance to observe and learn from successful working arts entrepreneurs. Join the staff of Minnesota’s own Copper Street Brass Quintet in our remote office in the seminar room (213) in the HOM from 9am-5pm during our visits to ask questions, bring ideas, help out, or hang out.

This new program, developed by CSBQ staff and St. Olaf Alumni Allison Hall (’04) and Tim Bradley (’04), aims to share the experiences and ideas accumulated from nearly 10 years working in the arts after graduation from St. Olaf. Our goal is to share our unique slice of what a career in the arts looks like so that future artists can benefit from our knowledge - and we hope to benefit from new ideas from St. Olaf students as well. While still a young organization, the staff of The CSBQ have built a full-time career from the ground up.

Vist the REAL Program Website

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College Entrepreneurship Sessions

The staff of The CSBQ has had the pleasure of serving as panelists as arts entrepreneurs and speaking to college classes about the business side of what we do. We feel passionate about sharing our experiences with young musicians and educators and can provide our own perspective on many aspects of the arts and arts management. Our goal is to help aspiring musicians and educators be as prepared as possible for a career in the arts, contact us if you are interesting in setting up a visit.

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Support our Mission

Your support is essential to our mission to bring our unique music and educational programs to diverse communities - especially those people who rarely get the opportunity to see live music performances!

Each year we provide around 100 educational services in dozens of schools, reaching more than 5,000 students. We provide a valuable grant writing service for busy school music educators, securing more than $250,000 of funding for our visits to date. Our Brass T.A.C.S. program, in partnership with the Minneapolis Public Schools is currently in its 5th year and is an important piece of our service to our home community in Minneapolis.

Thank you for your support in any amount or your time as a volunteer!


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