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Concerts & Educational Programs

Twin Cities Concert Series

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The Copper Street Brass Quintet’s 2015-2016 Twin Cities Concert Series highlights the quintet’s unique music at various venues around the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. The shows are designed to highlight the virtuosity of The CSBQ’s artists, the versatility of brass, and the variety of the quintet’s unique musical arrangements, ranging from rock and pop to holiday to educational to classical.

Touring Concert Programs

The Evolution of the Brass Quintet

This program put The CSBQ on the map and has been a hit in communities across the country for many years. The show features exciting music that spans over 250 years, from Mozart to Brahms to Dave Brubeck to Billy Joel to Adele, and has wowed audiences with its innovative blend of musical styles and dazzling fusion of brass with guitar, piano, percussion, drums, and electronics. This concert shatters the divide between listener and performer, featuring audience interaction and lively banter - all the while being educational, entertaining, and virtuosic.

That 80's Show

The CSBQ rocks out for a night of big hair and big brass! This show features the quintet covering popular 80’s music from three decades: the 1780’s, 1880’s, and 1980’s. From the big wigs of Mozart to the big hair of Guns n’ Roses, music from the 80’s is covered in a whole new way. Music includes arias from Mozart’s The Magic Flute, popular selections from Bizet’s Carmen, and fun covers of 1980’s rock and pop mega-hits by Queen, Journey, The Police, Michael Jackson, Guns n’ Roses, and much more. Joining the quintet to rock out on drums is Twin Cities percussionist Reid Kennedy.

Christmas on Copper Street

Think all holiday concerts are the same? THINK AGAIN! This show celebrates the stories, songs, and sounds of the season through the quintet’s original arrangements for brass, including music from favorite childhood movies and TV specials like The Nutcracker, The Grinch, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Ranging from traditional holiday music to jazzy arrangements of familiar carols, this show has something for everyone and truly celebrates the magic of the season.

Educational Programs

Single Day School Visits

During a single day visit, The CSBQ often performs for 3 to 4 class periods, usually at one school. A single day visit may include an evening CSBQ performance or a performance with a school band.

Multi-Day Residencies

Over multiple days, The CSBQ can reach more students. Often on multi-day residencies, the group will perform for elementary, middle-school, and high school students in the community, and will perform an evening concert. We also have created repertoire for brass quintet and band, and oftentimes on residencies The CSBQ will perform an evening concert with the students - a truly special experience for students.

Partnership Concerts

The CSBQ often partners with other arts organizations in concert. In addition to performances with many middle and high school bands across the upper-Midwest, we have performed with the Minnesota Symphonic Winds, the Medalist Concert Band (MN), the St. Olaf Orchestra, and the St. Olaf Band.

Brass T.A.C.S.

Entering its fourth year of operation, Brass T.A.C.S. is an inner-city music lesson and performance program implemented at Minneapolis’ Northeast, Anwatin, and Ramsey Middle Schools. Activities include CSBQ classroom performances, masterclasses, group coachings, and evening concerts where the quintet and the students perform together on stage. This program results in an unparalleled student experience learning and performing with professional musicians. During the 2013-14 school year, The CSBQ will be presenting 6 concerts and over 140 educational activities at the three schools.

College Entrepreneurship Sessions

The CSBQ is passionate about sharing our entrepreneurial skills, tools, tips, and tricks we have learned along the way, having built our business from the ground up. We help today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders through entrepreneurship sessions (lectures, talks, demonstrations, etc.) at the college level.


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The Copper Street Brass Quintet of Minneapolis, Minnesota represents the Evolution of the Brass Quintet. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2007, The Copper Street Brass Quintet (CSBQ) set up shop as a full-time, 501(c)3 non-profit in the Twin Cities in 2008 where, through their inventive concerts, engaging classroom programs, and full library of original and unique arrangements, they’ve transcended the traditional brass quintet, evolving it into something fresh.

Meet The Musicians

We are five classically trained musicians. We push each other to perform and teach at the highest level. We are always learning new things from each other. We all bring our own unique artistic voice to our musical product, and we all bring our own unique entrepreneurship skills to the business. We are professional colleagues, but above all, we are friends who simply love playing music together. Click on our pictures to learn all of our unique stories.


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Support our Mission

Your support is essential to our mission to bring our unique music and educational programs to diverse communities - especially those people who rarely get the opportunity to see live music performances!

Each year we provide around 100 educational services in dozens of schools, reaching more than 5,000 students. We provide a valuable grant writing service for busy school music educators, securing more than $250,000 of funding for our visits to date. Our Brass T.A.C.S. program, in partnership with the Minneapolis Public Schools is currently in its 5th year and is an important piece of our service to our home community in Minneapolis.

Thank you for your support in any amount or your time as a volunteer!


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